The Mad Ladder
The Mad Ladder


The Desmond Debacle


Reverse Gravity, Fluffy

Goal Time

85.00 seconds

Shift Goal

10 shifts


Awkward Noise Generator


A Bird in the Hand


Stamp of Approval

The Mad Ladder is the second level in The Desmond Debacle downloadable content pack for Quantum Conundrum.


This section requires expansion.


In the final area of the level, with the fan and wall with blue trip lasers, an Awkward Noise Generator is on a ledge high above the BOT-Bot. Reaching it by riding a safe in the Reverse Gravity Dimension can be tricky without getting shot by the BOT-Bot. You can try throwing and riding the safe from behind the bot's field of view, though it may be easier to stack three safes under the ledge over the trip beam activating the bot and then using DOLLI to produce a fourth safe to ride.

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