Widget the First

Widget the First

Lord Widget Pompadore Fluffington the Fourth is the Quadwrangle family cat that was somehow accidentally cloned by DOLLI.

The cat is also referred to as Widget the First to differentiate it from its clone Colonol Fluffy McScratchers, also known as Widget the Second.

According to Professor Quadwrangle, while DOLLI is excellent at reproducing inanimate objects it wasn't meant to handle living creatures. As a result the clone of Widget the Second, called Widget the Third, or Derp, is extremely unintelligent.

Derp has a pet goldfish, Gidget, that was originally meant to be a meal for him. However, Derp not being very bright, it never occurred to him to eat the fish.

"This was once the family cat, Lord Widget Pompadore Fluffington the Third, or Widget the first.  He somehow wound up in one of the DOLLI cloning control units.  I specifically constructed a monocle to fit him.  Who knew it would be impossible to find a cat sized monocle. Preposterous!  Sadly, Widget the first, has since passed on, but his memory is alive.  Somewhat...

So I want to clarify that DOLLI is great for cloning inanimate objects, but she's not entirely capable with organic ones.  This is Widget's first-generation clone.  We named this one Colonel Fluffy McScratchers, or, Widget the Second.  Widget the second is still mostly together and functional as a cat, but just a little walleyed.

I just had to pass Widget the Second through DOLLI again I just ... couldn't resist.  Definitely learned my lesson with this one.  Technically his name is Widget the Third, though he often responds to 'Derp'.  I often find him walking around in circles while staring at his feet.  Very friendly, but possesses the intelligence of a sack of rocks."Professor Fitz Quadwrangle