Choose Wisely
Choose Wisely


Red Wing


Fluffy, Heavy, Slow Motion, Reverse Gravity

Goal Time

100.00 seconds

Shift Goal

14 shifts


Awkward Noise Generator


Couch Surfing


Sine Language

Choose Wisely is the fifteenth level in the Red Wing. This level is unique in that the player must choose which dimension that want available first and then must work to acquire the other three before solving the puzzle and exiting the level.

The achievement Explorer of All Roads must be earned on this level. Big Meanie may also be unlocked here.


This section requires expansion.


After selecting an IDS Battery the other three are whisked away to points throughout the level where they must be retrieved. Depending on which battery is chosen first, the Awkward Noise Generator will be located at the end of one of the pneumatic tubes where a battery wasn't sent.

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