Catch And Release
Catch And Release


Yellow Wing


Heavy, Slow Motion, Fluffy

Goal Time

62.00 seconds

Shift Goal

10 shifts


Awkward Noise Generator


Manhattan Transfer



Catch And Release is the thirteenth level in the Yellow Wing.


This section requires expansion.


An Awkward Noise Generator can be found in the level's second area, to the right of the room's entrance on the other side of a wall. There are a couple of strategies to reach it. Using a safe and the angled compression platform to launch across the room, engage the Slow Motion Dimension as soon as you pass the wall on the right and immediately jump down to the platform where the Noise Generator can be found. Another way is to first place two safes on the platform and after passing the wall while riding one, pick up and throw the other back towards the Noise Generator. The slow motion dimension can then be used to hop on the second safe and ride it to the platform.

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