Blue Wing

The Blue Wing is the first area the player ventures into after acquiring the IDS Device. He/She must travel through this wing to reach the first generator that must be restarted to restore power to the mansion. This wing introduces the Fluffy and Heavy dimensions.


  1. Hall Of Wonders
  2. A Shift In Perspective
  3. Huckin' Stuff
  4. Air Raising Scheme
  5. A Fluffy Journey Of Discovery
  6. Kalodiophobia
  7. A Weighted Decision
  8. Stairway To Fluffy
  9. Needle In A Haystack
  10. Is This The Real Life, Is This Just Fan-tasy?
  11. Springing To New Heights
  12. Mind The Gap
  13. Around The World
  14. A Minor In-Conveyance
  15. End Of The Beginning